Experience a life changing Follow Yourself Home 2020 Retreat with Daniel, Katie & Emma in Kalorama 23-27 November


 Come and join us for a 2-day or 5 day Follow Yourself Home Retreat exploring the heart practice. A perfect immersion of mindfulness, sound healing, yoga, workshop sessions, nourishing meals, fun and relaxation


Kalorama, Victoria, Australia

23-27 NOVEMBER 2020


Would you like to be kinder to yourself and start shining through the essence that you are….


In Home Coming practice we discover how can we feel home within ourselves. The word “home” refers to the space where we really experience and feel in a true way, connection or belonging or sense of this moment is enough. Our life’s journey is the task of refining our homecoming so that we become more true, loving, open, and choosing consciously how we want to live. Having meaningful life worth living.

Come and join us at a restful retreat property on the magnificent Country Place in Kalorama for our  2 day or 5 day follow yourself retreat. Breathe the fresh mountain air and feed your soul. Immerse yourself in restorative meditation, healing sound, yoga, stroll,  read, reflect or just sit by an open fire.


Here and now, Home coming and Healing. How? Instead of getting Hijacked by our reactivity, we are establishing reason why being mindful is truly supportive. Understanding how to meet you own human experience with open and accommodating heart, so you can grow and heal through your experiences.

Opening to physiology of our stress, emotions, vulnerability (shame, guilt, not enough) and see how perception can create very narrow reality for all of us. Observing without having an Outcome, instead of getting Offended and feeling Off, getting cot up in Opinions and being Overwhelmed by life pressures. 

Mindfulness and Meaning. Method how to create a life worth  living, navigating by what is important to us instead of constantly Managing, controlling or locking in some habitual strategies which keeps us living small or assigning unhelpful meaning to our experiences and getting stuck. 

Ease and Equanimity. Easing into who you are truly are without the cognitive story, being and feeling Enough, this is Essential in order to Enjoy life, instead of being on the Edge or Escaping be locking in an unhelpful coping strategies.  

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, commune with nature and have some fun in the process. Be pampered, learn how to nurture yourself and bring these tools home to integrate and use them daily. Great for a first time meditators or those wanting to deepen their practice.  

Coming home – is a retreat to explore the experience of feeling your true natured self! Showing up for yourself with more compassion, more love and even remove the word love being the love compassion and openness that you already are. Giving yourself this space through 3 modalities to come back to the conscious awaking of living the meaningful life you are wanting to live.

This rejuvenating retreat program will help you develop the internal resources to counteract a modern lifestyle through a series of experiential mindfulness sessions, healing sound and yoga.  Daniel, Katie and Emma will guide you into a deeper understanding of yourself, helping you develop the internal resources to unwind effectively, to live fully in the present, and to nourish your body mind and soul.

  • Learn to listen to your hearts deepest desires and values – live from your heart, rather than your head
  • Gain trust in yourself and your feelings
  • Develop the skills to respond more skilfully to stress, problems and difficult situations
  • Show up with compassion and hold a space for yourself where you can heal and grow
  • Connect with the real source of energy and whom you truly are 
  • Find peace of mind, feel present and enjoy and celebrate the journey of life




During the retreat you will:

  • Develop mindfulness practices to help you live a happier and more enriching life
  • Enjoy a mouth-watering foods
  • Receive practical tips on how to be there for you 
  • Relax and restore you body, mind and soul with healing yoga (suitable for all levels)
  • Learn how to nurture yourself and take those tools home to integrate and use daily
  • Enjoy plenty of free time to immerse yourself in  relaxation, walking, meditation, journalling, reading or simply reflecting.
  • Feel the stress melt away and the joy for life return

An excellent retreat for first time meditators, or for experienced practitioners looking to deepen their mindfulness knowledge and practices.

Gift yourself, or someone you care about, a richer, fuller and more meaningful life.

  • Eating a delicious meals and snacks prepared on site with local, organic produce – any special dietary requirements catered for, please scroll through our previous retreats photos 
  • Lots of optional fun –Forest walk and massage 

“We were all born with one note destined to sing, this retreat is about trusting that note” 



Self investment 

Cost starts from $1799 for twin share and $2049 Single room per person (inclusive GST), depending on your choice of accommodation, and covers all elements of the program, including delicious food meals, snacks and hot drinks.

Optional extras include transport, massage therapies, and purchases from Country place 


Retreat Enquiry

To find out more or to register for our next Follow Yourself Home retreat, call Emma 0417327937
or email info@migrate.wellnesswithdaniel.com.au. Alternatively you can submit your booking request here using the form below and your spot will be secured. 


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“I knew the weekend would be good but it far surpassed that and was really amazing. The level of warmth that the two of you generate is incredible. The depth of your knowledge passed over in such a caring and loving way, not making anyone feel inferior for not getting it straight away was exceptional. It makes me very happy that you two are out there in the world passing on your wonderful karma to people in such a beautiful way. I will never forget my first retreat thankyou and my aim hopefully will be to attend 2 a year if possible.  Anyway take care God Bless” 

Happy heart happy life, Thank you 


The difference now is, I feel I have the fuel, patience & presence to attend & engage & enjoy the slow moments in between the rush that is life of a working mum. I wanted to thank you both for the nurturing, patience, warmth & heart that was shared this weekend. No detail was left unturned & it was these small touches that made the retreat so unique, so moving & has helped me shift! Everything from the accommodation, to personalized welcome notes, recipe books, perfumes, green smoothies on waking & impressive banquets!  I think I am noticing myself more & have an acute awareness around moments of mindfulness & moments of ‘autopilot’. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your teachings, your attitude & passion with me. It was a real treat to be looked after (especially when feeling unwell).  It was such a privilege to have met you both & to have had 2 days of time to nurture me. 

With warmth & kindness 


“In my experience it was perfect, I received what i needed to make a shift, needed to include mindfulness in my everyday life to enhance experience. I like to extend wholehearted gratitude to you Daniel and Shiho, for amazing weekend that was delivered with love and devotion. Your passion to educate and deliver mindfulness in a sacred experience was achieved and appreciated with love Soula”


I had a  time to fully be immersed in mindfulness – from Daniel’s knowledge, meditation, mindful rainbow eating & quiet time to reflect – it was a perfect balance. Shiho’s massage was the icing on the cake with her beautiful healing energy and care. There is nothing I would of change itv was perfect. 

Thank you Daniel and Shiho. Thank you for making space to reflect and for your support when some difficult thoughts arose. I loved the ambiance – candles, flowers, music. All elements were taken care of and it was such a nurturing environment. Even though I have worked with Daniel in meditation at a studio & seen him as a naturopath at his clinic, i felt truly privileged to have 2.5 days to learn even more from him, about him and get even more knowledge under my belt. An awakening experience. Thank you.


Thank you for this time to nurture me!
Retreat venue was warm, soothing and comforting to be able to unwind. 
I loved Daniel’s thoughtful touches: the flowers, the candles, soothing music, essential oil perfume (which I totally love). 
Food was delicious and totally nourishing – and lots of it!!
Daniel’s workshop teachings on mindfulness and learnings were very insightful.
Shiho’s deep tissue massage was sensational.
Overall the retreat was very well balanced with time to relax, learn, eat, chat and just be!

“The most positive aspect of  this retreat are how comfortable Daniel made us feel, so homy and warm, I was able to unplug and reset have time to myself and meeting a new people. Being around nature. Group discussions and talks providing practical tools hoe to be mindful and compassionate towards myself. Delicious food and massage was divine”

Daniel Cerny

Daniel Cerny

Mindfulness Expert

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Katie Underwood

Katie Underwood

Sound Healing

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Emma Strembickyj

Emma Strembickyj

Yoga teacher

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