Experience a life changing Wellness Retreat with Daniel in Nagano, Japan 2019


Come & join us for a 4-day wellness retreat

A perfect balance of mindfulness meditation, yoga, nourishing foods, mountain tracking, fun and relaxation.


Nagano, Hakuba Valley Japan

Would you like to feel good, escape to wonderful Japanese Alps for ….


Are you over, being tired all the time, not being able to cope with stress, worrying about what your future is going to be like and getting depressed? Well, Come and join us at a restful retreat property at the magnificent Hakuba Valley in Japan for a 4 day Wellness Retreat. Breathe the fresh mountain air and feed your soul. Feel the stress melt away and the joy for life return. Immerse yourself in a sunset or sunrise, laugh, rest, stroll, journal, meditate, bathe, read, reflect or just sit by an open fire. What we do is provide long-term solutions allowing you to enjoy what you do without wondering if you’ll ever feel  HAPPY, RELAXED and CLEAR HEADED again? Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, commune with nature and have some fun in the process. Be pampered, learn how to nurture yourself and bring these tools home to integrate and use them daily. Great for a first time meditators or those wanting to deepen their practice.    

Benefits of this individualised retreat:


  • Get an inside into mindfulness practice and healthy living and spend time out-doors 
  • Become less reactive and judgmental to your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • Learn skills to respond more skilfully to stress, problems and difficult situations
  • Be present for the good things in life and create a more accepting mind.
  • Become less dependent on external conditions for our happiness.
  • Want to find peace of mind, feel present and enjoy and celebrate the journey of life?
  • Indulge in time to relax, to disconnect from our usual fast paced lifestyles.

“We must become the change we want to see.” – Mahatma Gandhi


The retreat includes:


  • Mindfulness theory and practice, giving you simple tools you can apply on daily basis
  • Practical psychology tips to produce lasting change
  • Opportunities to relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of Japanese Mountains 
  • Daily mindfulness yoga and meditation (for any levels of yoga)
  • Health talks and nutritional workshop 
  • Delicious breakfast and snacks prepared on site with local, organic produce
  • Lots of optional fun –Hiking, Exploring Japanese cuisine, Temple tours (if you are up for it), we can arrange an onsite massage, and tour to special Japanese Hot Springs.


Where and when?


Hakuba Valley, Nagano, Japan   Only limited places for this retreat book now in an advance!! Accommodation is shared with facilities for couples, singles and groups. It’s a great way to unwind and connect with your friends, partner or yourself.

Pricing: Hurry !!! last year sold out in 2 weeks 

Private style room is great for a couple or two friends (1 large double bed or two single beds)$1850 per person 

(Includes all meals last day lunch, optional extras like massage, healing and beauty services and Japanese Hot springs, passes for the mountain hiking are on average $30 per person). Non-refundable 30% deposit is required on booking to cover all expenses (accommodation, food, car hire and passes) Maximum of 7 people. Hurry, spots are limited.    

” I loved every moment of the trip from beginning to end. Apart from being drawn to Daniel’s warm, insightful& enquiring teaching style, I relished the opportunity to be part of group discussions, practise yoga by the water & walk up through the mountains. The food was sensational, fresh & flavoursome, while the experience of sharing meals was further enhanced by a stunning indoor & outdoor environment.  Sampling local cuisine & being able to engage with the locals were other highlights. I left feeling re-focused & peaceful & if fortunate enough, would be thrilled to join in another of Daniel’s retreats. 

 There was so many amazing activities to enjoy but I felt there was also a pull to reflect & pause. If we had of had an extra day or two, it would have been easier to achieve this balance.
A thousand thanks Daniel, being in your presence for four days was an absolute treat& blessing. You made me think deeply, laugh so much I cried & brought a richness to my being that I hadn’t known for several years”


“I attended the retreat in gorgeous Hakuba Japan with Daniel Cerny this year and feel so blessed to have had such a magical experience that I will cherish forever. The scenery was so beautiful and picturesque, making for the perfect setting to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. I was fortunate to be in the company of wonderful like-minded people, who shared their stories and gifted me with their wisdom. 

I cannot speak more highly of our host and wellness coach Daniel Cerny – His teachings on nutrition and mindfulness inspired me to lead a more heartfull, healthy and fulfilled life, and to be in the moment. Daniel’s holistic vegan cooking was amazing, the best Japanese style cuisine I have ever tasted. I also greatly enjoyed the walks on the mountains, yoga by the waterfalls and the daily meditation exercises.

I highly recommend the experience to anyone that wishes to change their life for the better”


“In my experience it was perfect, I received what i needed to make a shift, needed to include mindfulness in my everyday life to enhance experience. I like to extend wholehearted gratitude to you Daniel and Shiho, for amazing weekend that was delivered with love and devotion. Your passion to educate and deliver mindfulness in a sacred experience was achieved and appreciated with love Soula”


“I knew the weekend would be good but it far surpassed that and was really amazing. The level of warmth that the two of you generate is incredible. The depth of your knowledge passed over in such a caring and loving way, not making anyone feel inferior for not getting it straight away was exceptional. It makes me very happy that you two are out there in the world passing on your wonderful karma to people in such a beautiful way. I will never forget my first retreat thankyou and my aim hopefully will be to attend 2 a year if possible.  Anyway take care God Bless” 

Happy heart happy life, Thank you 


The difference now is, I feel I have the fuel, patience & presence to attend & engage & enjoy the slow moments in between the rush that is life of a working mum. I wanted to thank you both for the nurturing, patience, warmth & heart that was shared this weekend. No detail was left unturned & it was these small touches that made the retreat so unique, so moving & has helped me shift! Everything from the accommodation, to personalized welcome notes, recipe books, perfumes, green smoothies on waking & impressive banquets!  I think I am noticing myself more & have an acute awareness around moments of mindfulness & moments of ‘autopilot’. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your teachings, your attitude & passion with me. It was a real treat to be looked after (especially when feeling unwell).  It was such a privilege to have met you both & to have had 2 days of time to nurture me. 

With warmth & kindness