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Our mission is to help our clients to tap into their body innate ability to heal, through education and lifestyle changes. 

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Daniel is a qualified clinical naturopath, nutritionist, MBSR, ACT,  MiCBT professional. He graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), and an Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. Daniel qualified in Cognitive Based Mindfulness Therapy at the MiCBT Institute. He brings to the treatment a gentle and compassionate approach which ensures that clients feel thoroughly relaxed and comfortable, and an understanding of the importance of creating a sacred, caring space to facilitate healing. Daniel is committed to provide holistic natural health care utilising the modalities of nutrition, therapeutic supplementation, western herbal medicine, flower essences, iridology, mindfulness and healthful lifestyle counselling.  He blends his unique Naturopathic skills with a thoroughly scientific and research-based approach to diagnosis, utilising specific diagnostic tests to help patients understand the cause of their condition. Daniel adopts a preventative approach to optimise health and provides care for all acute and chronic illnesses. He enjoys working with patients to help them prevent and overcome the need for pharmaceutical medications through the use of natural medicine.  

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I have really enjoyed my visit. Daniels holistic approach helped to balance my body. The steps were quite simple and really applicable to my life style. A great balance of science, art of naturopathy, lifestyle recommendations  and mindfulness. Daniel has given me a more positive and calm approach to life through his warm loving heart. His education towards lifestyle-medicine and mindfulness has encouraged me to take better care of myself and be less judgemental to everyday life.

Thank you Daniel


Lani Cleland

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Integrative Oncology


Integrative oncology provides patients with safe options for combining conventional cancer treatment with natural and supportive therapies. The goal of this collaboration among multi-disciplinary health care providers is to best support optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Within this model of integrative oncology, all providers work together to improve quality of life. Patients benefit from a coordinated approach to care as Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) collaborate with conventional providers at all stages:

  • At the time of diagnosis: to prepare the patient for what lies ahead.
  • During active treatment: to reduce side effects and potentially improve response to conventional care.
  • Post-treatment: to help with recovery and support prevention of recurrence with healthy lifestyle education.

Medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists focus their conventional, standard of care treatment on targeting tumour eradication.

Daniel is practicing integrative cancer care using natural and supportive therapies to reduce side effects, to help optimize conventional care, prevent recurrence and educating how to implement an evidence based life-style medicine into patients life.


Help to improve quality of life, restore hope, bring inner peace, emotional resilience, manage of side effects, help with speed recovery, prevent recurrence, and provide education for a lifestyle medicine.

Learn the fundamentals of mind-body medicine, and the practical things you can do in your everyday life to maximise your body’s own healing potential, reduce stress and help you cope better with the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Support for Symptom Management & Chronic Conditions:

Daniel provide support for side effects, common symptoms and chronic conditions patients experience during cancer treatment.

  • Cancer treatment side effects: Fatigue, Pain, Mucositis, Nausea and Vomiting, Diarrhea or Constipation, Dermatitis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Emotional support
  • Common chronic conditions: Allergies, Anxiety, Autoimmune Conditions, Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Insomnia, Osteoarthritis, Pre-Postmenopausal Symptoms, Reflux Esophagitis.


What do you need to know about cancer support

Integrative oncology provides patients with safe options for combining conventional cancer treatment with natural and supportive therapies. The goal of this collaboration among multi-disciplinary health care providers is to best support optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Daniel is specialising in:

  • Mental Health Disease (Depression, Stress and Anxiety disorders, Insomnia)
  • Cancer support: managing the drivers of cancer (facilitator at the Gawler Foundation)
    Carcinogenesis is a complex process, including dysregulation of metabolism, supported by the tumour microenvironment. Daniel will be addressing all of these contributing factors using life style changes, nutrient and botanical strategies that can lessen the metabolic drivers of cancer.
  • Neurodegenerative Conditions such as MS, Parkinson, Alzheimer: integrating multifactorial approach to regenerate neuronal pathways 
  • Eating disorders (Anorexia NervosaBulimia Nervosa, Binge eating)
  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Adrenal fatigue
  • Immune dysfunction, supporting compromised immune system (recurrent infections and colds, boosting immunity) and reducing allergy symptoms
  • Holistic Counselling, including Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT), MBSR, MBSM and Acceptance commitment therapy
  • Skin Conditions – Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
  • Liver Conditions, developing tailored detox program and recommending practical tips for healthy liver, lymphatic and digestive system detoxification
  • Digestive Issues (Stress-related causes)
  • Men’s Health (Including Andropause and Prostate conditions)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • MTHFR testing
  • Kryptopyrolles testing


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal medicine
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition
  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, MiCBT Institute 
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy, Open ground institute 
  • Acceptance Commitment therapy, ACT Mindfully 
  • Restorative Yoga, Byron Purna yoga

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